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Event Promotion

Event promotion is a key enabler of selling tickets effectively. Our platform dwells on extensive experience and expertise of our parent digital, and conventional ways to create awareness for your event in order to attract the Right guests for your event.

Mobile & Credit Card Payments

Our platform is supported by some of the most trusted third party payments service providers including Visa, Master Card, Mobile Money payment solutions all on the go.

Tickets Selling

Using our data base we reach out to those viable clients and convince them to reserve and buy Tickets for your event at affordable rates once you want us to dive into direct Sales of tickets other than on ground team that can be set up to tally and collect ticket revenues at the event day or prior at designated areas.

Tickets Management

Our e-commerce platform built on global expertise and best practice is on call to offer professional value add services for ticket management services including: Barcode / QR code Scanning, Client identification, Securitization of client delivery system, Capturing data and information of who has attended your event for future reference and communication and Sitting Arrangements system.

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